​Boaterific & Kenner Sub Collection

​Below are pics from my Ideal Boaterific Collection.​
Also, a small collection of Kenner Subs, a very cool toy from the 60's. If you had one of these you know !
I started collecting Ideal Boaterific Boats and Kenner Subs as I owned both of these toys growing up in the 60's.

The boats came from Ideal highly detailed with small pieces of chrome anchors, horns, masts, tiny "Ideal" or American flags, etc.

Boaterific boats are easy to find on Ebay, but they are almost Always missing pieces. The minute these boats were taken out of their packages, something would fall off or break.
My collection is mostly NOS - New Old Stock, so all the pieces are present on each boat, no missing parts.​​​

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Kenner Power Subs

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