HO Detroit Slot Cars

Bar none, the BEST, highest quality reproduction HO Slot Cars are made by Chris Mullis, his HO Detroit Line.

Chris mastered the craft of reproducing existing slot cars by using his proprietary process of making molds from the original car.

They were reproduced in any color combination and painstakingly finished with accents usually better than the original production car.

There are 2 categories of HO Detroit cars. Reproductions and Original Limited Editions.

Reproductions are exact copies of any existing car. (Aurora TJets & Vibrators, Faller).

Limited Editions cars were created by Chris from scratch by creating his own molds. These were limited in quantities and sold with boxes and ID labels that came with each car.

Chris created:

'65 Pontiac GTO * '68 Road Runner * '69 Grand Prix * '70 Olds 442 * '71 Hemi Cuda * Henry J

Each car's ID Label was signed by Chris Mullis. 

Two other cars created by Chris but not in limited numbers were a Willys Pick-Up and his famous Mercury Lead Sled

HO Detroit - Reproductions

HO Detroit - Limited Editions

HO Detroit Article from HO USA Magazine - Nov, 1996