Ken Hill Prototypes

The Prototypes below came from Ken Hill who was an Aurora designer from 1972-1978.

These hand crafted prototypes were purchased from Ken Hill by Harrison who created the new "Model Motoring" company.

Harrison ran a "live" auction on February 28, 1998 (Before eBay) where buyers called in on 5 telephone lines to bid on the collection.

Below are the cars I purchased and the original Model Motoring brochure from that auction.

Included with each car sold was a 3x5 authentication card with the car's description and Ken Hill's signature and date.

This auction included some of the most creative and interesting prototype cars. From early Vibrators to new deco design ideas and chassis for future AFX cars.

I was particularly focused on the only Plated Green Hornet car ever produced. Equally fascinating was the only detailed  interior and chassis mock ups created for the Cigarbox line, using Vibrator car bodies.

I showed the pics of these Cigarbox mock ups to Andy Yanchus and he remembered working on them himself.

Also interesting are the two Z-28 Camaros showing 2 different deco stripe designs on the same car body.

There are 2 hand painted R&D test cars that have experimental chassis under them. They are turned down 6 volt Screechers armatures with rare Earth magnets. A lot of this "detail" was not known to buyers as it was only hand written on the Ken Hill authentication cards.